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LOL 264 Johnstons Heroes meet on the 1st Saturday of every Month at 6.30pm in the James Gibson Memorial Hall Hebburn on Tyne

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Who was William Johnston?

This Orange Lodge like many that were founded around this time was named after the great Orange Folk Hero William Johnston.

Following Trouble at at place known as Dolly's Brae,when Orangemen were attacked by The Roman Catholic Ribbonmen. The 1850 Party Prosessions Act was intruduced - it was aimed at preventing both Orange and Green organisations from marching on their special days - William Johnston of Ballykilbeg organised a demonstation against it on July 12th 1867.

He led Orangemen in prossesion from Newtonards to Bangor. Altogether 100 Lodges walked in the parade with 40,000 people as participants and spectators. While Johnston and a hundred others were named for prosecution only he and a few others were charged and only he went to prison.

The others had pleaded guilty and were fined. Johnston refused bail set at 500 pounds for himself and two other sureties of 500 pounds each.

Johnston served a few days short of two months in prison and was released on April 27th, 1868. Ten thousand people met him at the gate that day and to greet him there were bands and party tunes aplenty (Thanks to the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland for this Item)

God Save The Queen

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